10 Amazing Benefits of Coconut oil

10 Amazing Benefits of Coconut oil

Besides providing some of the ingredients for pina coladas and tasting amazing, Coconuts have oil that is fastly becoming more mainstream as people discover the ongoing health benefits they offer. Filled with medium chain-triglycerides, or MCT’s which are fatty acids (the good kind) Coconut oil is not only ‘on trend’ but has so many ways it can help us – here are 10 of them.


1. Helps Boost Energy

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Let’s be honest, as we all grow older, we could use more energy and coconut oil is a great source. The fatty acids have a chemical makeup which allows our bodies to not only easily digest but absorb all the goodness in its entirety. These help boost our energy level & endurance and offers a great alternative to other cooking oils available.

2. Enhances Skin

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Used as a moisturizer for every type of skin, coconut oil can improve the antioxidant level in your skin, leaving it looking radiant and delaying the appearance of wrinkles and combatting breakouts of potential skin infections.


3. Detoxifies The Liver

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With the number of toxins that we ingest on a daily or weekly basis from the food we eat, alcohol and simply from our environment all put pressure on our livers. Coconut oil supports detoxification, by lowering oxidative stress. The fatty acids in coconut oil break down easily which lowers the amount your liver needs to work to get it job done.

4. Stabilizes Blood Sugar

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Those wonderful MCT’s, they provide almost instant energy as the body can break it down and use it quickly. This can stabilize blood sugar, increase insulin secretion and assist the body in using the glucose in the blood.


5. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

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Saturated fat is something we ingest through cooking oil, butter often without knowing it. However, by replacing your regular oil with coconut oil, you can essentially lower cholesterol levels rather than increase them, as the MTC’s reduce the plaque build up in the arteries. So start switching out your oils.

6. Strengthens Immune System

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Fighting bacteria and viruses, helping your immune system to strengthen is another great function of the versatile coconut oil. The anti-micro lipids work with lauric acid and caprylic acid to get the job done and keep you on your feet. Just a spoonful of coconut all does more than helps the medicine go down, it fights colds and flu before you need that medicine at all.


7. Aids Digestion

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Assisting in absorbing vitamins, minerals & amino acids, the saturated fats in coconut oil helps your digestion and aids gut health. In addition, the antimicrobial properties aid in combating bacteria, fungi, and parasites – which has to be a good thing.

8. Helps Kidneys

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Through boosting your metabolism, Coconut oil is doing some of the heavy lifting for the kidneys as they work to regulate the sodium, potassium, and fluid are obtained or excreted from your body. It can also assist in getting rid of kidney stones and in aid the prevention of gallbladder disease.


9. Strengthens Bones

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We need strong bones and calcium & magnesium are very much needed for bone health. Coconut Oil can improve your bodies ability to absorb this vital mineral, which can assist in long-term bone strength and battle the onset of osteoporosis, which can be debilitating, especially in later life.

10. Strengthens Teeth

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We need our teeth, and just like your bones, coconut oil assists in the absorption of the minerals that support healthy teeth. Not only that, but it can also assist in the reduction of plaque build-up by rubbing it into your gums.

The superfoods, superfood, Coconut oil supports, defends and assists you to greater health. So get out and start enjoying the fruits of the coconut tree! [/nextpage]

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