10 Mistakes You Make When Pumping Gasoline

10 Mistakes You Make When Pumping Gasoline

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There are plenty of ways to pump gasoline and if you are looking to get the best value when you’re next at the fuel bowser then it’s time to read on to find out the top ten mistakes you want to avoid when you’re next at the gas station.

1. Using Premium

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If you want to save up big on your gasoline you want to use regular gasoline rather than premium. Treating your car to fancy gasoline isn’t necessary and is going to cost you an arm and a leg over the life of your car. Unless your car manufacturer recommends premium, stick to regular gas and save bucket loads on your fuel costs.

2. Not Shopping Around

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You shop around for your clothes, your groceries, why don’t you shop around for your gasoline for your car? Unless your tank it running on empty, it’s important to do a quick drive around to check where is the best place to get your gasoline. If you drive for a couple of miles you could save up to a few cents a gallon or more, which will save you big time over a period of a year.


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3. Not Using Your Cell Phone

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Since 1999, rumors alleged that cell phones start fires at the pump. Almost all experts agree this is not true. In 2010, Mythbusters failed to get a cell phone to ignite gasoline vapors. This was substantiated in 2014 by Snopes and an ABC News report. Studies show that older mobile phones may provide a magnetic field that can catch fire, which makes the theory a possibility so it is worth avoiding talking on the phone while you pump in case.

4. Getting In And Out Of Car

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Avoid the temptation of getting in and out of your car during the process of pumping your fuel. Be sure to stay outside while you pump gasoline and return the pump to the bowser so that you avoid the danger of vapors in the air meeting with flammable static electricity. While it is extremely unlikely there still is a chance that this can happen, avoid the possibility altogether and stay out of your car while you pump and chill once you have left the gas station.


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5. You’re Not Using An App

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Using your smartphone and a cool mobile app you can be pointed to the cheapest fuel and the best prices for your needs so making sure you’re using your cheap fuel apps is essential. Some gas stations reward customers that use specific apps and there are plenty of awesome deals if you’re savvy and up to speed with the latest apps so be sure to use apps such as Smart Fuel and Fuel Finder to get the best deals.

6. Not Seizing Good Prices

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You see a rock bottom price for fuel as you pass by your local gasoline station yet you don’t stop and fill up immediately. You need to stop right now, pull in and fill up. Whether getting gas is on your agenda or not, you need to ensure that if you see a low price point for gas, you pull in and fill up straight away to cash in on the bargains. Waiting for your gas warning light to turn on or until the last few miles on your odometer is just plain silly so be sure if you see cheap fuel you get in and fill up with gas.


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7. Paying With Plastic

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Cash is always king and putting your gasoline on your credit card will end up costing you much more. Gas prices are often the cash price, so by paying with a credit card you will be slapped with extra fees and charges and wind up paying much more. As well as this, if your local gas station offers a rewards program why not sign up and take part in the incentives for the program.

8. Driving In Circles

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Driving in circles as you try and figure out which side you need to pump your gas is not just annoying but it is embarrassing if there is a gas station full of cars. Most cars have an arrow on the gas gauge to show you which side the filling port is located. Take a second to check which side the arrow points and you will able to fill up without fear of making a faux-pas.


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9. Pumping Mid-Day

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Pumping your gasoline when it is cool such as in the morning or in the evening will provide more liquid through the pump – this is when the gasoline is denser. Industry experts say that as the gasoline is stored in tanks under the ground this can have an effect on the liquid, however, this is unproven.

10. Rushing

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Slow down at the gas station and you might wind up getting more for your money. In many gasoline pumps handles there are three settings to choose for you speed the gasoline pumps out including low, medium and high. The faster the gas pumps out the more of it vaporizes, so if you are at a gas station you might want to select the low option to get more bang for your buck.


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