11 Reasons Women Are Covering Their Cleavage: And Why You Should Too

11 Reasons Women Are Covering Their Cleavage: And Why You Should Too

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As necklines sink and hemlines rise, you might wonder what women will be wearing in a decade. Or not wearing. But wait! There is a new trend, and it is to reverse the provocative slide. Modest fashion is hot. In fact, as one blogger put it: “Women are covering up to stay cool.” Here are 11 other reasons to take the high road and choose modest attire.


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1. Personality

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“Every one of us attempts to say or hide something in the way we wear our clothes,” says Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner in her book, You Are What You Wear. The book goes on to show that different types of clothes say a lot about your personality. With that in mind, if you choose modest clothing, you have a lot of freedom to express yourself. On the other hand, what does barely-there clothing say?

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2. Self Respect

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“…we look at ourselves from an outsider’s perspective, focusing our energy on becoming something beautiful for others to admire. That, as Elder Holland said, is spiritually destructive and results in unhappiness,” writes Lynnette Sheppard on her blog, Simply for Real. Be true to yourself—your inner self—and at the end of each day, you will feel secure in however you are perceived by others.

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3. Respect For Others

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“Read the “suggested dress for women” section in any manual on how to apply for a serious job, and you will be amazed at how closely it correlates to the general laws of modesty,” says Chaya Sarah Silberberg in her article on chabad.org. If you were invited to meet a world leader, would you not dress modestly out of respect? Why not do this everyday for everybody?

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4. Respect For God

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“It would be helpful to change the discussion from being about modesty to ‘appropriateness.’” This is what Peter W. Chin writes in his “Dad’s perspective” article on christianitytoday.com. This is supported by 21 year-old Olivia Howard on her Fresh Modesty blog: “It is choosing beauty over sensual. It is choosing the Lord’s ways over the world’s ways. It is living by design, not by default.” You are the daughter of the King of kings. Dress the part.

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5. Be Attractive, Not Sexy

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“Exploiting yourself sexually is not a good look,” said singing sensation, Adele, on the Daily Bubble. In 2015, the Grammy-award winner said that the secret to her success was modesty. By covering her skin she, is able to reveal what’s in her heart and in her soul, and that has garnered her 15 awards, including Album of the Year twice, as well as international appeal.

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6. Appear Royal

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“When one mentions Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the first thoughts to come to mind would typically be her grace, charm, and modest style.” That quote is from Kosher Casual’s blog. Kate Middleton is Duchess of Cambridge and one of our most beloved public figures. She dresses like royalty because she is royalty. In fact, maybe it’s time we change the title of this style of dress from “modest” to “royal.”

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7. Stand Out

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“When all your competitors are zagging, you should zig,” suggests marketing guru Jon Goldman. How can you “zig” among all the suggestive outfits? Cover up! As clothing manufacturers spew out tinier and more transparent garments, purchase some beautiful maxi skirts and elbow-length blouses. You’ll turn heads in a gorgeously flowing, royal ensemble, and your fashion sense will stand out among the scantily-clad crowd.

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8. Negative Attraction

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“When we dress modestly, we are saying that we posses inner qualities for which we should gain appropriate attention and value from others,” says Allison Stevens in her blog. If you choose an outfit that is revealing and you attract a man, maybe you will wind up in a long-term relationship with him. But then won’t you wonder what will happen when your body ages? Will he look at other girl’s bodies? Hmmm.

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9. Values

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“When we choose to dress in a provocative way, we send a message that we believe our value comes from our looks rather than from our heart. Skimpy clothing says that our worth is in our sex appeal. This is a weak foundation to build self-esteem or self-worth.” That’s Allison Stevens again, writing in Why Is Dressing Modestly Important? Does the outfit you have on right now reflect your values? Your self worth?

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10. Maturity

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“When I dress modestly, people treat me differently. Instead of inviting me to house parties or clubs, people instead invite for dinner or to a lecture,” says high school senior, Leora Eisenberg, in her aish.com blog. Modest attire is not a librarian-look or a throw-back to the 50s. Dressing modestly makes you look more sophisticated. And that’s mature.

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11. Celebrities Do It

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Admittedly, this is the weakest reason for you to dress modestly. However, it is worth noting that there are mainstream celebrities who opt to cover up, even if it’s only at high-profile events. On the red carpet or on the street, you’ll probably see (little skin on) Taylor Swift, the Olsen twins, Janelle Monae, Lorde, and, of course, Adele and Kate Middleton dressed fashionably yet modestly.

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