6 Foods That Help Prevent Diabetes

6 Foods That Help Prevent Diabetes

With over 415 million people in the world living with diabetes, it is truly a killer. With two types in play. Type 1, which people are born within which they cannot produce any insulin and typically are on an automated drip which is attached to them all the time. Type 2, however, is where the body can’t produce enough, but can produce some insulin & is largely – not always – attributed to lifestyle. Exercise and diet are the two major factors in reducing the risk of diabetes. So in an effort to assist you in fending off this disease now and in later life, here are 6 of the best foods to assist in the process.


1. Green, Leafy Veggies

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The things of little children’s nightmares. Spinach, silverbeet, Brussel sprouts, bok-choy & kale honestly the darker the better. These are the Tom Brady of food when it comes to the prevention or reversal of diabetes. Not only that but cooked right, they can also taste amazing! Honestly.

2. Brown Rice

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This is a simple switch out, change the white rice to brown. It’s a whole grain, low GI, and slow release in terms of energy, meaning your body will get goodness all day long. It has been said that choosing brown rice over white reduces your glucose levels at every stage – so get on it.


3. Sweet Potatoes

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Potatoes ugly cousin, the sweet potato is the best friend of body builders and marathon runners alike! They are filled with nutrients and carbs of the ‘good type’ that turn to sugar much slower than potatoes. These can regular your blood sugar levels and are considered a ‘superfood’. So switch out the fries for sweet potato fries and start living it up.

4. Eggs

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It’s simple. 4 eggs, every week can reduce your chance of diabetes by 38%. Fried, poached, scrambled, do it your way. Eggs have nutrients that affect glucose metabolism and low-grade inflammation that can bring about diabetes. So this simple breakfast treat can make all the difference.

5. Steel-Cut Oats

steel cut
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Low GI, meaning how much your blood sugar will spike once you have eaten it – can mean all the difference. When you have no added flavours, colours or preservatives, your steel cut oats offer significant nutritional value thanks to their lack of processing, giving you slow release energy all day.

6. Squash

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Another favorite of grandma. Putting the squash on your plate and making you eat it all. Ever wonder why Diabetes is on the rise? Because diets like nanas are no longer and we enjoy far too much process, high sugar, high carb, low nutrient foods. Butternut squash has low GI again, which is great for energy and you won’t ‘spike’ after eating it. Not only that, they also promote a healthy complexion, increased energy, and overall lower weight. So ditch the burger, grab some spinach and squash and jump on the health & wellbeing train – otherwise, diabetes may force you to anyway.



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