9 Tricks To Make Mornings Easier For Moms
Diverse Children Going to Elementary school

9 Tricks To Make Mornings Easier For Moms

[nextpage title=”Next Page” ] School mornings are the worst, we all know that. Needing to get your kids out the door, be it to school or daycare, before you catapult yourself off to work, for a full day in the ‘salt mines’, then back to get the kids, cook dinner and yep, you guessed it, do it all again. So here are a few tips to make the journey through parenthood, .[/nextpage]

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1. Gas Up

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So simple, but we have all been there. You get everything done, everyone in, turn the car over and the gas light comes on – perfect! As you are on the way home from work, the most simple solution is to gas up on the way home, always have more than a quarter of a tank. It maybe a pain now, but it’s worse early in the morning when you are running late.

2. Pajamas Shmajamas

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This is more for little kids, maybe not the teenagers of the house. But why do they need PJ’s anyway? Why not be dressed in their uniform for tomorrow? Then, when they wake up, they are ready to be rolled straight to the breakfast table and out the door after a quick toilet and toothbrush stop.


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3. Make The Menu

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Kids can be picky, not to mention different in their demands for breakfast. You want them to have a good meal to start their day off in the best way possible – so be prepared. Get out the bowls, spoons, cereal in the packets in front og the bowls, so when your little people roll out of bed, they can be straight into it and our the door in no time.

4. Make Lunches At Night

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Simple time saver, once the kids are busy doing their homework, pour a glass of wine and make the lunches. It means you can also determine if you are missing anything – such as bread for sandwiches before you are already running late. Portion out all the required snacks, ensure its in cling wrap or sealable bags for freshness and boom…drop the mic, you are ready for TV and relaxing.


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5. Lay Out Clothes At Night

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Ok, so some people – me included – are not too happy to dress our kids the night before, especially if they have a private school uniform with a blazer and tie…that is just strange. So in that case, lay out the clothes the night before, next to their school bag, with everything from knickers, socks, ironed uniform and when the pressure is on, they can slip right into their clothes and you are away.

6. Designate Spaces

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Ok, we have all done this – especially the males amongst us, yes the old “where is my wallet” trick, we have all been there. So set out clearly, defined spaces for everything important including but not limited to wallet, purse, phone, charger, etc. Do this with the kids uniform, pre-packed bag etc. You are away.


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7. Chart It

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Many of us need to see things in order to make them happen – especially our children. So, a visual depiction of what they need to make sure they have done, bathroom order, or chore on a visual depiction or chart – similar to Agile Project Management for the IT and business management people amongst us – so everyone can see not only where they themselves are, but all the others in their team (family) to keep everyone accountable to one another.

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8. Connect 4

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Everyone’s children crave time with their parents, one on one time that is, when they wake up – it has been clinically proven. So, lock it in. It maybe while they are eating breakfast, or the ‘walking the dog’ chore, whatever it is, try to lock in 4 minutes of personal 1-on-1 time with each child to ensure they have the best disposition when they go into their day. If you have 8 or more children in your family, you may have a little struggle with this…but…good luck all the same.

9. Give Positive Attention

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The carrot or the stick. In this case, the carrot. Positive attention will get the best results from your children in the morning and get them moving. “You ate all your breakfast little man” or well done putting your dress on all by yourself. If you create a more positive environment in the mornings for your children, they will look forward to it, rather than dread it.

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