What Is Your Love’s Worst Trait? (See The Funny Results Of An Online Survey)
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What Is Your Love’s Worst Trait? (See The Funny Results Of An Online Survey)

[nextpage title=”Next Page” ]Somebody asked this question online: What is Your Love’s Worst Trait? Here are 15 of the funniest responses…and our recommended solutions.[/nextpage]
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1. Silence

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Whenever we get into a fight neither one of us wants to be the first to apologize no matter who’s at fault, even if we go days without talking. Solution: Staring contest.

2. Snooze

She sets her alarm an hour and a half early and keeps hitting the snooze button. Solution: Hide her alarm clock somewhere in the room.
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3. Ignore

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He doesn’t ever refill the Brita pitcher. Solution: Drink wine or beer instead.

4. Blah, Blah, Blah

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She freely shares her internal monologue as if I want to hear it. Solution: Keep asking her to repeat what she said.
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5. One Second

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She takes her food out of the microwave with one second to go and doesn’t press cancel. Solution: Chill out.

6. Reword

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He changes the words to popular songs and sings them over and over until I sing the words wrong.  Solution: Hum.
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7. Vroom, Screech, Ahhhh!

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He screams when he plays video games and it drives me crazy. Solution: Also scream, but at inappropriate times.

8. Keys!

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He misplaces so many things and never find what he needs. Solution: Get TrackR Bravo.

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9. Jealous

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He won’t dance with me. Solution: Ask to bring his best friend dancing with you.

10. Rewind

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While watching anything, if she misses one word she’ll stop and rewind it over and over again. Solution: Hide her phone.
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11. Pause

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We’ll be watching something and she’ll pause it to tell me a 10-15 minute story that might not even be related to what we’re watching. Solution: When she pauses, preempt her by telling her about your lunch break that day.

12. Stickers

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Instead of throwing the stickers off fruit in the garbage, she sticks them to the counter right above the garbage can. She does it deliberately to annoy me! Solution: Stick them on your forehead for the rest of the day. Eventually, she’ll be embarrassed and stop.
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13. Move On.

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She will forget an irrelevant detail of a story and get stuck until she remembers it, leaving me like, “Get on with it already!” Solution: Tell her she has something stuck in her teeth.

14. Socks

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She takes her socks off in bed and leaves them by her feet under the covers. After days, they pile up and slide to my side. Solution: We have no idea. What do you suggest?

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15. Wet Towel

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Leaves her wet towels on the bed. Solution: Switch sides of the bed with her when the towel is there.

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